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Business Cards are an essential medium for communicating your details. Most people think business cards are only fit for the trash bin. Therefore, it is a myth because business cards help you exchange relevant information professionally. This is quite an easy way to introduce yourself to a third person.

Here you go with professional tips for business card printing design that marks you out from the crowd and makes your presence instantly memorable. Most designers believe that business cards are great visual marketing tools for presenting an image to the audience. Therefore, many times customers say they want a business card that pops up.

That signifies most designers as a bright neon colored one that jumps up at you as this is not what they want. They want a custom business card design that stands out from the clutter. After plenty of research and surveys, we have jotted down some top tips related to attributes you must incorporate in a business card printing design.

5 Advantageous Tips For Business Card Printing Design

Never leave your business card design on others. Always think of what sort of personality you want to showcase to your networks since these informative pieces help build strong networks and create a long-lasting professional bond. Rotating and keeping the business cards has always been a traditional practice still observed in the corporate sectors.

1 – Place A High-Resolution Logo

First things come first. The logo of your business plays a role in highlighting your presence. Therefore, you need to have your logo printed on the business card but remember you need a high- resolution logo stamped on your card. Most companies think of it as a wasteful attribute. If you ask the printing shop service providers they focus on a high-res file.

The reason behind it is that the printed image is clear, crisp, and eye-catchy for the recipient. Moreover, if you do not have a higher quality logo try getting it created by a graphic designer for a great business card design. Unfortunately, a colorless and blurry logo does not print well on the card and make your company’s image look unprofessional. If you want to make a statement with your business card printing design get you’re a professional logo designed for customized business cards because it helps to captivate your targeted audience.

2 – Keep It Simple 

Lessen Your Contact Information 

When you’re focusing on a business card printing design try to keep it simple and crisp. Therefore, refrain from loading too much information like multiple contact numbers, addresses, and company insights on the business cards. A cluttered card with a lot of heavy text tends to be grubby and unpleasant for the recipient. Additionally, as a tip for reducing confusion, you can give out one contact number so that easily your client can approach you without the hassle of struggling through various phone numbers.

Your Office Address 

Prepare a list of questions to ask yourself. So that you know what are the things you want to add up to the business card.

  • Do you have a physical location?
  • Do you want people to drop in?
  • Do you want people to visit your website?

If you have an answer “No” for these three queries. Then you are sorted because you do not have to fit all the address-related information business design if you’re an online printing service provider like a printing shop. pk. If you look at their printing design that is clutter-free. Because primary information of their website is mentioned on their custom business card prints.

Moreover, if you want clients to know about your office location then in your business card printing document, get it imprinted on the other side of the card for a tidy collection of words.

Use Lesser Images 

Conveniently, we all find images as great tools for visual attraction because it has the colors and expressions that enchants a positive influence. Therefore, it is suggested to keep the design simple with lesser images and icons. So that the important information on the card is available and easy to read.

3 – Add On Social Media Icons 

Social media is doubtlessly a part of everyone’s life. Therefore, each business must try to imprint their social media platforms. The reason behind adding social media channels to your design is quite valid because it has changed the world of communication. These channels have made it simple for the audience to reach out to the respective network.

All you need to remember is that while adding on these social channels using the icons. Instead of spelling the name otherwise, it will make a mess. Try utilizing your business card as a competent contacting tool for your prospective clients by highlighting your presence on social media channels. It gets easy for them to search for your company’s name and brand credibility.

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4 – Check Your Typography

In essence, the typeface or typography is the art of arranging the letters, words, and numbers in a categorical symmetry for a mess less text. That is clean, visually attractive, and readable for the prospective audience. Typography is an important part when getting your business card printing design done.

There are numerous fonts but try to choose fonts that are easier to read, complements your logo, and large enough for your audience to read. Some of these primary points help in crafting a vigorous business card. Remember that smaller fonts are catchier than the larger ones, but it depends on your clientele’s choice. Maybe you need to make the fonts more considerable.

5 – Chose The Right Card Stock

It is focal to make the right choice when looking for high-quality card stock and weights. Picking up the correct paper stock is essential because it helps in delivering an impression of your business. Moreover, the paper stock is related to other attributes of your business by exerting the brand’s personality. It can help in shaping through a great design. Moreover, those clienteles who want a Spot UV design can only be printed on a few card stocks.

Or let say, someone has an environmentally friendly product for that they will choose a Natural or Kraft paper type as it contains 30% properties of recycling material. Additionally, there are uncountable attributes that include matte, glossy, velvet, and silk card stocks. This way each printing design will differ from the other since each of them has different qualities and attributes.

Start Designing Your Card

Interestingly, there are almost 10,000,000,000 customized business cards printed annually around the globe. Assuredly, this shows the importance of the business card printing feature because even in this digitalized era. The business cards hold their position among the corporate individuals. Therefore, getting the right kind of business card is crucial for making a statement in the mob. Try out using some of the helpful tips that include the omission of extra information and text along with crowded images for an attractive business card design.


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