A web mapping service that is developed by Google is known as Google Maps. By using Google Maps, you can get lots of benefits. You can use it as satellite imagery. It is also the best way to take aerial photography. The users can also get useful information about real-time traffic conditions. Nowadays, the monthly users of this app are one billion.

They are using this app to navigate a destination, to discover local business, to explore unfamiliar areas, and much more. Anyhow, there are still some faults in Google Maps. That’s why people are looking for alternative apps to Google Maps.

Alternative Apps To Google Maps That You Can Use Are Given Below:


citymapperYou can use this app on different platforms like Android, iOS, and Web. The users can use this app as an alternative to Google Maps. It is a public transport app. By using this app, you can easily get access to top cities in the world by using the bus, tram, and subway. This app updates its data regularly. Therefore, you can get up-to-date information about public transit routes by using this app. You can also get useful information about your favorite locations. For this reason, it shows prices and alerts about your favorite locations. Therefore, users can choose the best route according to their requirements for travelling.


MapQuest has been providing web mapping services to users for various years. To provide the web mapping services, it is not only providing the web-based tool but it is also providing a mobile app. You can also use this web mapping service as an alternative to Google Maps. By using this app, you can easily sink all of your navigation plans. Most of its features are just like Google Maps. You can use it to search for locations. You can also find useful information about the directions by using this app.

It is also the best app to get an idea about your current location by using the GPS feature of your phone. This is also the best app to get accurate and current information about traffic. MapQuest is the best alternative to Google Maps in various ways. First, it is providing useful information about direction including fuel costs. Secondly, it is also the best tool to quickly find out the hotels. Thirdly, you can find out the gas stations and shopping areas with the help of one click.

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, this app is compatible with IOS and android devices. By using this app, you can get useful information about your favorite areas by using offline mapping. It is open-source and it is receiving its data from the OpenStreetMap. This web mapping app works globally. You can use this app to get useful information about 345 different islands and countries.

Users can bookmark their favorite locations. They can also share their favorite locations with their friends. The users can also enjoy its online version. Its online version is helpful to get information about public transport. After getting enough information about public transport, you can easily find out the best route to reach the destination. can also provide information about your favorite hotels, restaurants, and cafes, etc. It also recommends the best locations that are recommended by the locals.


It is one of the most popular location-based services. The users can also use this app as an
alternative to Google Maps. This web mapping service is divided into two apps. You can use the first app for navigation. The second app is useful for social media sharing. You can use this app to find out the nearest food and nightlife place. You just need to select a category. It will show up the best places relevant to this category.


The users can also use their search bar to find out the best location. After entering a specific keyword, you can find out the best places and relevant branches. There is also a Near Me search bar in this app. By using this search bar, you can find out the best nearby places. It will show these nearby places in the form of profiles. In these profiles, you can get useful information about the address and business hours.

Bing Maps:

Bing Maps is the direct competitor of Google Maps. It is the product of Microsoft. Anyhow,
Microsoft is not copying the features of Google Maps. Microsoft has introduced a simple and
clean interface for the users. This app is easy to use than Google Maps. The main features of this web mapping service are road, aerial, and street-side layers. Its transit and walking maps are helpful for the drivers.

You can add your destination to this app. After adding your destination, you can print out the map of your trip. You should use Bing Maps instead of Google Maps because it is providing lots of features to the users. First, it is providing detailed information about the maps. Secondly, the user-interface of this web mapping service is modern. That’s why it is easy to use for users. Thirdly, it is allowing the users to save the places in their library easily.


It is a web-based tool to provide useful information about the maps. You can easily get access to their Live Map menu just by using one click. While using this web mapping service on the desktop, you can enjoy the mobile experience. By using its Live Map feature, you can easily search the destinations and prepare plans for your routes. This web mapping service is also allowing the users to customize their maps of their interesting areas. Its mobile app is also available.

When you use this web mapping app on your mobile, you will get a more useful experience than any other web mapping app. The users can use this app for roadside help. This roadside help is available based on the traffic on the road. Waze is providing a better user-experience to the users than Google Maps due to various reasons. First, it is offering the best driving experience to the users. Secondly, it provides warnings about the crashes and speed traps. Thirdly, you can also integrate this app with mobile music apps.


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