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If you thought the best video camera under $ 500 was a bad quality piece of plastic, think again! The best camera isn’t always the most expensive, and many of the big builds have gone to great lengths to complement the limits of their offerings with loads of high-quality devices that offer an advanced photography experience. This is especially true given the best deals of inexpensive cameras we are looking for right now.

how is that possible? Well, there are two main reasons: First, the cameras have become more advanced over the years and new models have been launched. This is the kind of ebb and flow that lifts all ships, as the features you previously saw only on the best and most advanced DSLR cameras or unmatched camera models are now an expected standard even on entry-level cameras. entrance. Features like WiFi, Full HD Video, Advanced Autofocus and many more – these days everything is standard!

The other ones  manufacturers are very good at keeping their older, so you can get a complete bargain. If you don’t mind choosing a camera other than the newest on the market. Market. Sony is particularly good at it, with its high-end A6XXX series of compact and mirrorless RX100 cameras, all with post catalogs still widely available and at a great price.

Nikon D5300 w

Nikon offers a number of entry-level DSLR cameras with similar specifications, which makes it difficult to choose which DSLRs to purchase. To make matters worse, some DSLRs cost less than $ 500.If you can’t find the old Nikon D3400 in stock, the next best choice is Nikon D5300 with 18-55mm lens. Somehow it is actually better.

The Nikon D5300 was released two years earlier than the D3400, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the latest technology. Oddly so many new features not found on different types of  DSLRs,also the new one D3400. It’s also a little more expensive (see current price here) but worth it in my opinion.

video camera

It still features an excellent with its high quality and performance. When you spend $ 500 on a beautiful camera, you want the photos to be better than they are on your smartphone. Fortunately, that is the case here. There’s also a capture speed of 5fps, which means you can capture 5fps in the sequence, perfect for capturing the moment.

While the D3400 has only 11 AF points, the Nikon D5300 offers 39 AF points, which are more common with the viewfinder. There’s also excellent Nikon 3D Tracking that detects and tracks the target across the frame – perfect for capturing sporting events with kids and fast-moving pets!

The ISO range is 100-12800, which is lower than the D3400’s maximum ISO of 25600. This should be captured with a grain of salt, however, like an APS-C camera of this caliber, the ideal point for low-light ability – image noise around ISO 6, 400 and higher ISOs are largely unused.

Canon EOS Rebel T100

Canon recently spent some time completing the lower end of its DSLR lineup, creating many attractive options for first-time users and those on a tight budget. One of the cheaper options is  T100, which is priced less than the EOS Rebel SL7 pictured above. It’s a simple beginner DSLR and has nearly everything you might want for an incredible price, including a lens kit. The T100, also known as the EOS 4000D, isn’t overly fancy at all, but for the money you get a good 18MP camera with 3fps continuous shooting and access to amazing Canon lens stability.

Canon EOS Rebel T6

Canon and Nikon offer a lot for your DSLR investment for under $ 500. They know that if they can attract new consumers to their brand at a reasonable price, they usually have them for life.

Before you read more,the second reason is that if you find an older Nikon in stock, consider this before Canon. In particular, the Nikon D5300 offers a better price-performance ratio. It is known as best video camera under 200.

For this reason, I won’t go into a full Canon T6 (aka EOS 1300D) camera review here. Why do I add it? Well, two reasons. and another one reason is  you want to add a Canon  new DSLR for another option to build your own camera system.

If you decide to give your money  later, you can find more options at Canon, often at lower prices. There are also several “weird” lenses that have larger apertures (f / 1.2, etc.) and very wide angles.

Pro tip: When buying a camera, it’s always a good idea to think about the lenses you might want in the future. Take into account focal length, maximum apertures, cost … in general, when investing in a brand, you stick to that brand’s lenses. So plan ahead.

Click the button below to view user comments on Canon T6 and make your own decision. My money would be ex-Nikons, but for die-hard Canon fans the T6 is also a solid investment.

video camera

Sony a5100

Before shouting, “But where are the cameras under $ 500?” Remember, this link is for you to get Sony a5100 mirrorless camera body with lens. This is excellent value for money if you ask me!It must be said that the best mirrorless cameras under $ 500 represent a major advance in dinosaur-like DSLR technology.The new one technology of this comes from more prices of the cameras  thus works surprisingly well. 

This  frames per second to the table, which means ultra-fast AF performance ideal for capturing all the small moments in life. This means that the AF point is ready to go and  allow the camera to focus automatically and update the new focus features easily..

If you are looking for a compact lens camera, you will have to look elsewhere because the Sony a5100 only has a backlit LCD, and an impressive 3 inch touchscreen that rotates 180 degrees for easy selfies or vlogging.

I didn’t mention video DSLRs for under $ 500 (though there are all of them) because. Video recording is so easy on this one Autofocus during video with a DSLR is not possible at this price.

With the Sony a5100 mirrorless camera, the absence of a mirror means that autofocus performs well while recording video and that AF points with phase detection incredibly track your face on screen.


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