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With the grace of technology, we do not need to visit a doctor for every single monitoring these days. Watches with innovative features like reading your pulse rate, blood pressure, footsteps, or many daily activities is a new trend in everyone’s life.

Recently, Apple came up with the news of launching new features like measuring blood glucose levels or alcohol levels in their watch bands. Their upcoming model series is going to be more helpful than the old ones. All these features will be revealed to all the technical geeks in their next series soon.

So here we are to decode some of the facts for your favorite upcoming Apple next watch series 7.

Blood Sugar Level Monitoring By Apple On Its Next Smartwatch

As an upgrade to Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple brand is trying to incorporate some of the new features like monitoring alcohol levels, sugar levels, health sensors, best display, enhanced battery life, and much more. We can expect these features in the new Apple Smart Watch Series 7.

As reported by UK newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, one of the renowned UK company Rookley’s mentions that Apple is their biggest customer & generates a large amount of revenue for tech giants. They also state that Apple’s major concern is to track blood glucose levels. We can also expect to see silicon photonics-powered sensor chips rolling out in the new future Apple Next Watch Series 7. There is also a leak from Jon Prosser uses iPhone 12-inspired redesign for Apple Watch 7, as well as ‘new experimental colors’. According to Bloomberg, other than tracking sugar & alcohol levels, it can have some of the  new swim-tracking features all along.

Rockley Company mentioned that they are working on a basic sensor and an advanced one. An advanced one will work to measure blood glucose, alcohol levels, CO ( carbon monoxide) & lactate production. As previously the basic watch bands were providing heart rate, body temperature, oxygen levels & hydration of our bodies. This advanced module is considered a “high-end smartwatch” in 2021 for Apple users. 

Apple Smart Watches 7 Release Date

If you want to know the release date of this fascinating model, then we all are considering it to be near mid-September 2021. Apple launches a new smartwatch every year with the availability starting from the released date week. So hopefully every Apple user is going to like this new generation of smartwatches.

Apple Next Smart Watch Series 7 Price

As we all know, Apple quoted a pretty decent price last time while launching the Apple Watch Series 6. It was almost $399 entry-level price for the smartwatch. At the same time everybody in the market says that the price for Apple next Watch series 7  can go up to $429. We can expect that there can be a range difference of almost $100 – $150 between both the series.

Change in size or further new features can increase its additional cost.

Apple Watch 7: Blood Glucose Monitoring

Apple came up with the latest feature of blood glucose monitoring which was not launched before in their previous watch series. According to the latest update, it is one of the attractive features of the Apple Next Watch. This will be a great benefit for diabetes patients. It tries to monitor their blood sugar levels through the skin.

According to the survey sent out by Apple to get a more relatable idea of what people want to see in their upcoming series. Most of the features were related to health tracking habits. They asked different questions related to health apps like what kind of apps do you use for different health monitoring, etc.

Apple Smartwatches New Series 7: What To Expect

We can make random guesses about the release date & price but till now there are only rumors for Apple Next Watches Series 7 which are less precise. But here are some highlighted features for you all .

Great Battery Life: 

For a long time, Apple was researching different ways to increase battery life to give their customers a better user experience. So recently they won the patent of the Future Apple Watch Band by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It has embedded batteries to provide its users a longer battery life without any frequent charging.

Different Mental Health Tools:

Mental health apps are new life savior apps these days. After a launch of different stress management tools by various tech companies. Apple is also working on new features like detecting panic attacks & heightened stress levels that were not available in Apple Watch 6. We have seen multiple apps on fitness. Everybody needs new mental health tracking features in their new Apple Watch bands.

Circular Screen Is New Option Now

Apple provides numerous options to their users when it comes to different color choices & straps. So why are they not offering circular display screens as compared to square ones? Apple watch bands are extremely fascinating. But certain people still want their display screens to be circular. At the same time, Samsung proves that circular screens can look good too with great working.

New Sleep Tracking

Sleep Tracking is a new feature that was not present in an upgraded version of the Apple Watch Series 6. It means we can’t say a lot more about its features. So every apple watch band lover is looking for more precise features like how our bedtime can affect our sleep levels, how much time you should spend in what kind of sleeping, or many more. This is the reason most of the time people stick to third-party apps for improved sleep tracking.

Monitors Blood Glucose & Alcohol Levels

Samsung Watch Series 3 has already come up with a sensor for blood pressure monitoring. So, there is already a template in the market that Apple can use to create health tracking. A patent won by Apple boosts his capabilities to build blood pressure monitoring features. They have to solve a monthly calibration problem that occurred in Samsung Watch Series 3.

Final Outlook

Concluding, we all are eagerly waiting & excited for the upcoming Apple Watch Band 7 with all the possible transformations. The competition is quite tough with all the rivals available in the market. Samsung Galaxy Watch Series & Fitbit Sense are available with the best features right now. We will update you with future updates about different smartwatch brands to provide you the right suggestions on your buy.


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