Door Entry Systems

Save Time And Money With Reliable Door Entry Systems. We have been manipulative, installing, and maintaining access control systems, CCTV, intruder alarms, fire alarm systems, automatic gates & lots of other types of security systems, Door Entry Systems London for lots of years.  Our consultants will help in the design of the best solution following a risk appraisal of your building.

Upon endorsement, a devoted project manager will be assigned to make sure the system is installed to the requirement and absolute with commissioning, display, and handover guarantee. We created our unique wireless GSM-based intercoms and secure online management system, to help you manage all your multi-dwelling properties in one place,
without ever having to leave your home or office.

Types Of Door Entry Systems:

  • Keypad Door Entry Systems
  • Biometric Unlocking Systems
  • Proximity Readers
  • Video Entry Systems
  • Audio Door Entry Systems

Keypad Entry Systems:

Keypad entry systems need codes and passwords. When the password or code is keyed in manually, the system verifies its validity and provides access. These systems present security but there are chances of passwords being shared with others. To overcome this subject, some access control systems are balancing with biometric systems.

Biometric Entry Systems:

Biometric access control systems depend on bodily attributes like fingerprints, handprints, retinal scans, to verify, recognize, and provide access to someone.

Proximity Readers:

Proximity readers verify to be the most widespread set of entry systems, frequently used office premises. It requires you to carry a sensor-based tag or swipes a card. The card can be deactivated once the person is no longer allowed to enter a known space.

Via Video Entry Systems:

Video access control systems are stand-alone intercom systems that administer access to precise capability. Once the individuality of the person is established on a visual basis he can enter into the home or office space.

Audio Entry Systems:

Audio access control systems are comparable to the video entry systems. However, they depend only on audio confirmation instead of visual confirmation.

Reimbursement Of 2-wire Video Door Systems For Installers:

Sector professionals are in coincidence, as the newest breakthroughs in 2-wire video door entry systems amalgamate all the features you could desire in this kind of intercom system, whose priceless compensation over analogue entry system make them an ever more sought-after choice for installers.

Door system experts are in fortune, as the newest breakthroughs in 2-wire video door entry systems assimilate all the features you could desire in this kind of intercom system, whose important recompense over analogue entry system makes them an ever more adored option for installers.

For technicians specializing in the system of electronic and video door entry systems, having high- tech apparatus is a must, not only to meet customer requirements but also to keep on at the forefront of this spirited and continuously renewing zone. So it comes as no bombshell that Fermax 2-wire door entry systems are the most active by installers.

Though, before researching the features of 2-wire video door entry systems and their suitability for homes and businesses, it’s worth fascinating a glance at what a 2-wire video door entry system is, how it fluctuates from analogue and IP systems, and why more and more installers favor it.

Why opt For A 2-Wire Video Door Entry System Above Other Systems?

As you possibly know, there are dissimilar types of video door systems depending on the kind of correlation used (analogical, digital, IP, etc.), which affects aspects such as the difficulty of installation, call descriptions, or yet the audio and video. In most cases, selecting the system that finest suit the requirements of the end customer is the installer’s accountability, and there is no hard and quick rule on which system is most effective.

Two-wire digital video door systems are named after a connection based on the use of 2 wires that connect the outdoor board to the indoor observe. This system stands out for its speedy and straightforward installation, saving time and costs for the installer. Unlike analogue video door phones, digital systems make certain that just two people focus on the call: the person making the call at the segment and someone picking up the phone or view in the home. And they also give other compensation such as image capture, better interference presentation, and consistent quality in large installations.


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