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If you ever been an in-app developer business, you will certainly know how important is to have a smooth and secure transaction with your clients. The first step in setting up an app developing business is to have a reliable payment gateway that is widely accepted all over the world. Growing advances in technology have revolutionized mobile technology. Apple i-phones, tablets are some of the latest gadgets that are becoming popular nowadays. Hence, mobile app developers or have huge prospects in this segment with the growing popularity of Apple IOS and Android platforms but for that, you will require a secure merchant account that will help your app development business to sustain. PayCly offers you the best Mobile Apps Merchant Account that will allow you to accept credit or debit card transactions for your online business.

People mostly the younger generation are more inclined towards skipping the cash and making payments with credit or debit cards. Some of the more tech-savvy are using smartphones for making online payments they have even ditched the physical cards and are keeping the information in mobile wallets. Being a merchant, you will want to provide your customer with the choice to make a payment. However, there are various mobile wallets available in the marketplace today. It can be a little bit tricky to grab a mobile wallet that suits your business. You might think of a mobile point of sale when you hear the term mobile payment app. These are the apps that can be stored on your mobile or tablet, get sync up with your device, and allow you to take customer payments.

Since these mobile apps deal with a lot of money transactions, they need to have a high-level of security to lock the financial information captured in the wallet. Though these apps are password-protected, while some use biometrics such as facial recognition, fingerprints, scans, to unlock the app. However, if the app stores any sensitive information such as contact number, email address, or credit card numbers then they are almost tokenized for safety hence the real information never gets stored in the wallet. We at PayCly tend to understand the needs of the business then come up with the solutions that are required to take your business to success. We provide you with the High Risk Merchant Account facility so that merchant can stabilize their payment transactions.

Get Easy Payment Solutions For All Your Needs

Credit card processing is one of the essential methods of transferring funds from one financial institution to another financial institution. One of the other ways your mobile app development business can get a high volume of sales is through e-Checks. At least 10,000 financial transactions are made every year through this network. The total costing will add up to $43 trillion. They are recognized as digital checks for making online transactions.

It may require some essential components such as routing information, bank account number, and name of the bank holding the account to transfer funds from one account to another. While PayCly takes pride in our capability to work with multiple e-commerce industries that are looking forward to enhancing their business transactions. We don’t seek to avoid merchants who have a low volume of sales. We try to assist them in irrespective of the low or high volume of the company.

Hence, if you are a high-risk industry then we have an instant solution for payment gateways to meet the needs of your business. We have a wide range of networks that work in conjunction with our domestic and offshore partners which provides us with the flexibility to deliver customized solutions.

Advantages Of Having Strong Networks To Your Business:

A gateway allows your business to have higher benefits in terms of getting higher sales, getting more customer database, an efficient payment, higher business prospects, and various other benefits. You can easily enjoy some of the essential aspects that a merchant account offers for your business. Here are some of them:-

1. You probably know that high-risk businesses are mostly associated with getting high chargebacks. High-chargebacks would simply mean that the business is getting high losses and you are required to have a merchant account that will charge low processing fees in comparison to any other system. Hence, you need a system that can save time and money for you.

2. A gateway will help you to save time, reduce human error in the processing, and at the same time provide efficient payment transactions to your business.

3. Online payments are more preferred in comparison to traditional cash or other payments. With online payments, you need not do any additional work to process them. Checks are also other means of making payments. While making payment online can help you with safety and a high-level of security.

4. Credit card processing will provide you with less processing time. It is much faster and secure and provides you with reliable payment transactions. It also gets a quick, flexible, and reliable solution to fulfill the need of your business. With a payment processor, you have the flexibility to make quick payment transactions that will assist in the quick transfer of money from one account to another. It will also provide you with good cash flow for your business.

We at PayCly have years of experience in helping various app developers through the initial phases of providing a reliable merchant account facility that will help you run in a long time. Our wide range of networks allows us to choose the best ones based on the nature of the app development business of our client.

With the best payment network and associates, we provide you with the best online card processing options to ensure your satisfaction to the fullest. Though the integration of payment gateways to websites can be a complicated task for independent app developers we as a high-risk merchant take initiative to provide you with the Mobile Apps Merchant Account that will provide you with easy and secure installations at the most competitive prices.


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