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Well, nowadays there are many smart users? Even many teenagers are occupied in online activities. Then it is obvious that they may use online e-Commerce to purchase goods. Thus, it is a good opportunity to set up your online store and start selling goods worldwide. Also, WordPress WooCommerce Inventory Management will help you out to do so easily.


I’m sure, now there are many questions arising in your mind. Such as How to sell goods in an online store? How to set up all things well? What is WordPress WooCommerce Inventory Management? Etc. Well, don’t worry about any of this, because here in this blog we will answer all such most concerned queries to you. So just make yourself comfortable and start reading now. TradeGecko is one of the best plugins that work with WooCommerce. This allows you to sync your online e-commerce store with user-friendly TradeGecko inventory management software.

What Is Online Inventory Management?

Well, it is very simple to understand. As you know when you want to sell a product. The first step is to keep that product available in your store. Similarly, selling more than a product lets you keep all the variations and the minimum quantity of the product in your store. Besides that, doing all this on your online e-commerce website is called online inventory management

Although in this modern era, there are various e-commerce platforms available that integrate with WooCommerce. Thus, it gives you facilities to start your online store and selling various kinds of products. But the tough job is to select one among others. Because choosing the right one will give you all the required features but in your budget. Thus, it will support you financially and technically.

Although there are many options available for you to choose from. Still, there are few best online inventory management tools and plugins among them. Therefore, we are listing such plugins for you here in this blog. The motive is to give you the best-ever choice that you will proudly use and grow your business and number of customers and new visitors.


So let us talk about these WooCommerce inventory management tools and plugins one by one to understand them better. Thus it will help you to select the most appropriate one for your e-commerce business.

TradeGecko Inventory Management Plugin

TradeGecko facilitates you with many useful features. It allows you to control the online product stock in various locations.


You can easily purchase new orders for existing products, and automatically enable back-ordering of those products before your inventory become zero. Also, you can manage the sales of your online products easily without any hassle.


Besides that, if you have distributors then you can set up a private online wholesale store for them by creating a custom domain for it. Also, TradeGecko has its own mobile app. You can install its app on your iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch freely to use. This app lets you manage your online products and orders from anywhere.

WordPress WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

WordPress WooCommerce was officially launched on 27 September  2011. Certainly, it is one of the best plugins for you to set up your online store and start your business today. Because WordPress WooCommerce plugin is open-source and free of cost. Thus, WordPress users can install and use it freely with few easy steps.


WordPress WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin was designed with keeping in mind to support small to large businesses and individual online merchants. The WordPress WooCommerce inventory management plugin allows you unlimited products and images to set up on your online e-commerce website. Although this plugin is open source and free to use. It lets your product-making businesses grow faster.


Also, you can make modifications and customize your website. It provides more control over your online store businesses in terms of your store, design, and scalability. Besides, WooCommerce is not bound to physical goods. This allows you to sell digital goods, services,  and various software online.



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