The traditional profession of photography started to widen when digital cameras replaced reel cameras. Clicking photographs at no cost and as much you want, allows you to experiment and learn.

With the advent of good cameras in mobile phones, photography has become available at an arm’s length for photography enthusiasts.

With ever-expanding ambit of professional photography, there are a lot of opportunities for photographers out there. Taking up photography as a career option has become much more viable today than in the past.

There are so many styles, within each style, there will be opportunities to work for you, freelance, or work directly with already established companies.

Let’s see some of the avenues which would allow you to follow your passion:

Revolutionized Wedding Photography

Though the traditional way of wedding photography still exists, a lot of new options have evolved which have paved the way for creative and passionate photographers.

Weddings are not any more limited to the traditional way of coverage, close-up and candid shots. Pre- wedding shoots, creative shoots are examples of evolution which allows multiple people with a different skill set to cover one marriage.

Free-lancers, new startups and even students are trying building experience in wedding photography these days. With the increasing trend of Wedding photography, the scope of income has widened for photographers.

For photographers, it has widened contrasting to the people hosting the wedding. People going for wedding photographers have to be careful with their expenses. There are options available of direct lenders for very bad credit people to borrow funds to fulfil their wedding dreams.

Conclusively, Wedding photography is an excellent scope to get into and is predicted to give fruitful returns.

Journalism Photography

Clicking pictures for newspaper articles, magazines, war zone conflicts, or just doing a fluff piece for a local paper (taking pictures of kids sledding) – photojournalists are the ones doing the job.

Once this was a more in-demand profession for photographers, still, with the increasing availability of hands with mobile camera phones clicking the events, there has been a shift in these photo sources.

Opportunities are now more competitive, likely less paying and even more competitive because of freelancers taking and selling the photos directly to sources.

career in photography
Nature Photography

If you have a passion for photography and travelling, this is a perfect suit for you. Travel around and capture the scenic landscapes into the camera. You can be a freelancer, clicking pictures and selling at various online platforms or magazines, or could be doing this for your travel blogs.

Documenting your travel with photography is the need of the hour these days and acceptance of it has made landscape photography and travelling even a more lucrative and viable option.

However, this idea of travelling around, documenting the travels and taking pictures seems intoxicating, while in practice, it is a tough side of photography to get into and fix your feet.

Fashion Photography


One of the most glamorous, appealing and challenging field to enter is fashion photography. Not only it requires a lot of experience, but also word of mouth for you to get work.

From cover shots of the top fashion magazines to documenting the latest styles and trends on the runway, fashion photographers’ work closely with their subjects or models.

The look of the photograph matters the most instead is the only thing that matters. Lighting has to be perfect, different poses by model; various backgrounds and appearance are given the attention to get the desired results.

Lifestyle Photography


Photographers capturing people’s lives in an organic, non-invasive, and often candid manner are considered as lifestyle photographers.

Lifestyle photography has become popular in recent years. This genre of photography has its critics, but some people wish to capture such life and live moments and share them with the rest of the world.

Going into streets, villages and capturing people’s real emotions and expressions is not an easy task and not even a well-paid one. Nevertheless, it is an exciting art in itself.

The opportunities in the world of lifestyle photography are mostly self-created. Seldom you will be hired for this and paid well, but it provides you with peace and satisfaction for your passion.

Millennial Photographers

Gaining popularity of social media has given birth to these kinds of photographers. These are the young lads, carrying DSLRs or mobile phones, trying every odd way to click a picture, be it candid portraits, nature landscape, natural elements, food pictures or selfies.
career in photography

They also click on various occasions and festivals to showcase them on different social media platforms. To quote an example, Christmas is one such festival which is celebrated by people at a grand level.

Covering these events and trying hands-on during these times gives a lot of confidence to the budding photographers. It might not turn into a profession, but as a hobby, this does provide them with a skill and way to get more social media attention.

Now comes to the big question!

What Kind Of Photography Should You Be Doing?

There isn’t any fixed or tailor-made list of photography types you can choose from. Often photographers try out different styles until they find the one that suits them best. The successful photographers try to create art and deal in a niche, something that is their specialty.

The possibilities are endless, and finding your niche is half the fun. Just be free, try out different types and keep trying until you find yours.


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