Health issues due to poor posture are prevalent. About two in three people express concerns about poor posture problems. Sitting long hours in front of the computer with a hunched back can cause wear and tear in cartilages and bones of your neck, making worse your cervical pain. Slouching for long hours can lead to severe pain in your neck, upper back, lower back, and shoulders.

Whether it is the result of sitting at a desk for long hours, lounging on a couch, and looking down at your Smartphone, poor posture is taking a toll on the people’s health of all ages. If not treated seriously, the pain will aggravate over time, and it will be much more challenging to heal inflammation in cartilages, bones, and muscles.

According to Harvard Health Publication, slouching can lead to heartburn, incontinence, constipation, and slow digestion apart from neck and back pain. The newsletter revealed that slouching puts abdominal pressure; weaken your pelvic muscle to hold against the pressure. As a result, you start having incontinence problems, mostly when you laugh.

Constipation problems arise because of the poor posture you maintain sitting on a toilet seat. Hunching on your knees can somewhat block the path to move faeces out smoothly. It can also trigger stomach acid to squirt back up into your oesophagus, leading to heartburn.

Well, when it comes to improving your posture, you are recommended to sit straight while working at the computer. Of course, it is not that easy.

napEazy Pillow

Some Posture Gadgets Are Out There That Can Help You Correct Your Postures:

napEazy Pillow – $75

Correcting a posture seems like a never-ending battle, but you can win using gadgets. When you are tired of working at the computer, you feel like taking a nap. You slouch over your desk for a couple of minutes to refresh yourself, but this posture is dangerous for your spine health. Here comes the role of napEazy Pillow.

You can split in different forms to support your nap in various postures to keep your spine align and straight. You can use this pillow at your home, work, and commute. It can help your lower back when you are on the go.

It is an anti-microbial and water repellent that makes it durable and safe to use. It has a biocrystal-embedded memory foam that boosts energy to your body when you flow, and thus you get up with more energy and freshness. It helps whittle down fatigue and stress.

Upright Go Posture Device – $99.96

Even if you try to sit bolt upright, you feel immense stiffness in your upper back. It is usually impossible to sit with a straight back. However, you can improve your posture with the Upright Go device. You will be using this device with the app, so you get notifications and alerts when you slouch over.

By tracking your posture all the time, this device will work as a companion of you. In two weeks, your entire body will feel the benefits of sitting straight. The Upright device will encourage you to sit straight. It will help you battle against the wrong posture. When you wear this device, it will strengthen your core muscles.

gadgets image

Lumo Lift – $59.99

It is a posture coach and activity tracker. If you want to be healthy, you must know each detail about your body from calories burnt to palpitation. Lumo Lift device can track your steps, calories burnt, palpitation, and your posture. As you begin to slouch, the device will give a gentle reminder to you to sit bolt upright.

You can operate this device with an app suitable for both Androids and iOS. The app can tell you about your posture history. It is so small that you can easily clip it in your shirt or top. It is much easier to correct posture when the posture gadgets have accountability to do so.

Sleep Yoga Posture Pillows – $54.99

Sleep Yoga Posture Pillows are not ordinary pillows. Designed according to the knowledge of chiropractors, they are beneficial to your overall health. These pillows will help strengthen your core muscles.

It will also whittle down the stiffness and pain that you often feel after you wake up. It increases oxygen flow to all of your muscles, easing pain.

BetterBack Therapy Posture Support System – $59

Lower back pain is prominent among people of all ages. Long-hour sitting at the computer is the most significant cause of severe pain. If it is chronic, it takes a longer time to go away, but with the BetterBack Therapy Posture Support System, you can get rid of back pain.

You can wrap around this portable device around your lower back to improve your posture. It will strengthen your pelvic muscle and hence reduce pain and stiffness.

Verteby Back Brace – $125

If you are tired of spine pain, Verteby Back Brace will be an ideal solution. It is light, so you will not feel it when you are wearing it. You can adjust the springs depending on the support you need. It feels like a pillow on your back, suitable for both men and women of all ages.

It can help reduce the back pain caused by long-hour sitting at the computer. You can wear it while you are walking and exercising at the gym. This wearable is extremely light, like a rubber. You can twist and jump while wearing it, so you can efficiently work out at the gym wearing this brace belt.

Posture-related problems are ubiquitous, and it seems hard to improve it with your manual effort. It is thanks to gadgets that have made it possible and more accessible. All these posture gadgets are not very expensive. You can get them from Amazon. However, if you do not have a sufficient amount of money, you can take out a £10000 loan with bad credit.


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