Sales quote software makes it easier to create a quote and send a proposal to your potential customer. These tools may also have reporting functionality, proposal engagement notifications, and integrations so you can sync with your other tools, such as your CRM.

What is sales quote software?
Simple quote and sales quote programs allow you to easily create a quote, including initial contact with a salesperson, email template, and even automatically inserting the company name in the field. Once the form is saved, you can track progress and watch the number of quotes for the month or quarter. You can even set due dates and delivery deadlines. Sales quote software tools may have added reporting capabilities and integration with other productivity tools, including your CRM. You can see how many quotes have been generated by a salesperson, for a specific product or service, or how many customers that a prospect was referred to you by another salesperson. You can also make quick comparisons by looking at the number of new sales vs.

The Usual Suspects
That’s a quick look at the pros and cons of Sales Quote Software tools. What do you think?

How to pick the best sales quote software for your business
Unfortunately, there isn’t a silver bullet that will cut through the noise and make the decision for you, although you can make a good general judgment based on a few important factors. Platforms B2B companies have three options when it comes to their sales quotes software: Web-based. Mobile apps. Phone systems. Wireless and desktop app-based. Web-based sales quote software allows you to receive e-mails from your customers and automatically export the quote to PDF and email it to them. Mobile app sales quote software allows you to send a mobile friendly quote, but it has its limitations. A few app solutions allow you to schedule appointments with your customers in the app to create an in-person sales call, but it’s not always possible with certain app solutions.

After reading this article, you are better prepared to make your next big sale. Maybe you will offer a lower quote to your customer, or offer to come back on an hourly or project basis for more work. If you do, your business will gain a bigger chunk of revenue that can help you grow your business and hire more employees to help you keep up with demand.


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