San Jose is thriving as the biggest city in northern California and as a bustling center home to innovative startups. As a result, the city has one of the highest costs of living in California.

Even though investing in this market may be costly, local real estate is still a wise choice. If you are looking for a professional kitchen remodeling contractor in san Jose, you can browse the web.

And having a modernized, updated kitchen can help maintain or even raise the market value of a home.

Buyers are frequently interested in learning how their new kitchen will change their daily lives, and an updated kitchen can make the difference between a competitive offer and a house taking a while to sell.

The remodelers on this list were selected based on their accomplishments, credentials, and level of experience in kitchen remodeling. Some of the most beautiful and functional kitchens in the city have been renovated by these companies.

We advise checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, consulting with previous customers, and using our bidding system to obtain competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors if you are considering the construction of a custom home or remodeling a kitchen.

kitchen remodeling contractor in san Jose: EOL Builders

EOL Builders is a new business in San Jose that has already finished a number of impressive projects in a short period of time. The firm is currently expanding in the Bay Area. Its guiding principles include honesty, providing excellent service at fair prices, and building lovely, secure homes. Before starting any project, EOL Builders will provide clients with estimates and advice on design and layout changes because they are especially committed to remodeling kitchens.

This practical, well-lit kitchen features an antique pasta arm, gorgeously understated marble countertops, and a broad plank hardwood floor. It is one of the firm’s notable projects. 

AE Kitchen & Bath

Johans Wartenbergh has served as the principal of AE Kitchen & Bath for 34 years. A company has remodeled kitchens in the San Jose region for 20 years. Installation of cabinets and countertops, custom cabinets, countertops, kitchen cabinets, and remodeling are some of its specialty services.

The designs of AE Kitchen & Bath are typically simple, light in color, and feel contemporary. A company also typically favors a classic appearance, which gives clients the freedom to design and customize as they see fit.

A notable kitchen design by AE Kitchen & Bath adopts a serene modernist aesthetic. The combination of earthy tones, track lighting, and minimalist lines in this kitchen creates a space that is both warm and modern.

kitchen remodeling contractor in san Jose: Sami and Sons Remodeling

Sami and Sons Remodeling has been honing its craft for more than 26 years and is a well-known remodeler in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. Sami, Pini, and their sons run a family business together. Sami believes that the kitchen should be renovated because it is the center of the home. For this reason, it’s best to keep it practical and welcoming for both family and friends.

The designs for kitchens by Sami and Sons Remodeling are frequently traditional and favor wood cabinets. However, they are also willing to take risks. For example, they renovated a kitchen that was previously all silver and added plenty of symmetrical rows of overhead lighting. A Business also makes use of virtual reality to let their clients see finished projects. 

kitchen remodeling contractor in san Jose: Dickinson Cabinetry

Owner Mike Dickinson started with cabinets. He built his first cabinet at age 13 in his parent’s garage. Later he built furniture and redwood decks. As he got older, he got into metalworking.

He then returned to creating cabinets and began his journey in kitchen remodeling when he became the General Manager of a kitchen remodeling contracting company

Mike made the decision to launch his own custom cabinetry and kitchen remodeling business after gaining experience and even developing something of a fan club. Because of Mike’s extensive experience, you can anticipate that Dickinson’s kitchen projects will have distinctive, personalized cabinets that set their kitchens apart. For Mike Dickinson, it’s still about the cabinets after all these years.

Kitchen Design Services

For almost ten years, Kitchen Design Services has provided the San Jose region with gorgeous designs. With his designs, the principal, Kevin Roessler, deliberately considers functionality and flow at all times.

He enjoys being exploratory and open, and a coworker has observed that he “often [wraps] himself up in a project until he feels like he can move the puzzle pieces within a space. He keeps searching until he finds an elegant answer.

When remodeling kitchens, this company seeks to go beyond purchasing new cabinets and appliances. They keep in mind that customers want room for brand-new connections, experiences, and interactions with the people they care about.

For Kitchen Design Services, improving one’s kitchen entails improving more than just the kitchen itself. In addition to aesthetics, this company believes in making the kitchen remodeling process enjoyable and practical for customers.



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