Which Is The Best Wood Bead For Jewelry

Wooden beads come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. When they are used in jewelry making, they offer a natural, warm, and organic feel to any piece of jewelry. These are beautiful and look pretty when used as jewelry or a piece of decoration. These beads are immensely versatile and can be mixed or placed with any other kind of beads. Some of the wooden beads are found in the USA in places like the Philippines, Chicago, etc. 

How Are Wooden Beads Made?

You must know that plastic beads are made by pouring into molds which are cut and then shaken loose from the molds. In contrast to this, to create wooden beads, one needs to be careful and follow a series of hand-guided procedures. First of all, you have to carefully cut the wood into appropriate sizes & shapes which will then be mechanically turned or carved. Then desired shapes will be given to them. 

At last, the beads will be polished to make them attractive and this takes place before selling them to jewelers. Wooden beads are popular for their extraordinary textures and they’re even lighter than gemstones and faux materials used for jewelry making.

This means you can easily add a number of beads to one creation without increasing an excessive amount of weight to the equation. The available color patterns and textures are also good and they are good if you want to add your creativity with the jewelry designs.

Best Wood Used For Jewelry

Let’s take a closer look at the types of wood that are used to make wooden beads:

  • Bayong

Bayong beads are manufactured and delivered to other places from the Philippines. The native trees in this tropical country are the primary source of these beads. It’s hardwood with a clear wood pattern. Bayong beads come in a wide range of hues from light to dark brown and sometimes reddish tones. From the Dream Of Stones, you can get bayong beads in different shapes including round, wheel, saucer, and pucalet. 

  • Graywood

Graywood beads can be made of wood from different trees which possess gray shades and smooth textures like timber. Timber also has a variety of shades and thus, beads come in distinct shades. Most times, graywood beads have a much lighter finishing and thus they are considered ideal for making jewelry pieces such as necklaces. Bracelet, anklets, etc.   

  • Rosewood 

Rosewood beads also come from a tree in the Philippines and these hardwood beads are of pale brown color. These beads stand in contrast with ebony beads due to their rose-colored shades and wood grain patterns. Because of their red and pink shades, they are also used for many ornamental projects. They have a naturally smooth texture and they come in distinct variants.

  • Robles

Roble beads are made from hardwood trees compatible with teak in quality and are found in rainforests. Rainforest hardwood trees create wood grain textures which are fine, concentric, and pleasing to the eyes. The beads are lighter in color and thus they are used for varied projects right from basic bracelets to rosaries. 

  • Palmwood

Palmwood beads are manufactured from the wood of various palm trees. Some of them include dates, coconut, and more. The unique grey and black pattern of these beads differentiate them from others. They are light in weight, naturally smooth, and are great for different jewelry projects. These unique markings sometimes appear as spots and sometimes as lines. 

  • Patikan  

Patikan tree is a particular kind of palmwood tree. The beads of patikan trees are darker than palmwood and mostly used for ornamentation and making jewelry. These beads have unique spotting patterns, beautiful stripes, or bands. With age, the color becomes darker. 

  • Jackfruit

Jackfruit is also known as Nangka. This tree is native to Asia, India, South Asia, and tropical lowlands. Do you know that jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit and weighs more than 70 pounds? The yellow and golden tones of these beads make them different from others. The wood of jackfruit trees is also used for construction, furniture making, and musical instruments. These are great for jewelry that possesses light and youthful air. 

  • Ironwood 

Magkuno beads are crafted from the hardest wood i.e. Ironwood tree found in the Philippines. It is fun to work on these beads as their color resembles milk or dark chocolate and are also super warm. In comparison to rosewood and graywood beads, they are extra smooth and dense. On polishing them frequently, you’ll get a shine similar to well-tended wooden furniture. In addition, the wood of this tree is also used for creating hand-crafted furniture. 

  • Sibucao beads

Sibucao beads are elegant and sophisticated due to the natural red shades mixed with natural brown color. These beads are the only natural and real red beads in the market. You can easily find blends of red, orange, brown from those who supply sibucao beads. The wood absorbs natural oils and body moisture and becomes shinier and evolves colors with time.

If you are interested to have jewelry pieces made from wood, you can look at the wide collection of wooden beads at Dream of Stones. They deal in natural and elegant beads, gemstones, and more. Get now the beads of your choice to fulfill your desires. 


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